Benedict Cumberbatch on set of BBC2 production of “The Hollow Crown: The War of the Roses” on September 24, 2014 (x)

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I waaaaant to see you play in contemporary films more often !

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Loki + Leather Clad Thighs

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Fight Club dir. David Fincher (15 October 1999 - USA)



I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but…


Jim Gordon is 100% done with everybody’s shit.


House Stark “Winter is coming.”

The Starks look for courage and loyalty and honor in the men they choose to serve them.


"You may only call me "Mrs. Darcy" when you are completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy."

"Then how are you this evening, Mrs. Darcy?"

Sherlock + bokeh

"in the end, when all this is over, what can you take with you? My hope is that when I retire that I’m remembered as a good guy. I like to score goals, but I also like to be friends with the people I play with. It’s good to be valued as a person, it’s important that they have good concept of who you are beyond being the guy that scores a lot of goals."

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white people


—F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‘This Side of Paradise.’

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unless your teachers are abusive assholes there is no fucking reason to disrespect them

they are literally trying their hardest to get you an education

teachers have every right to complain about rude students or the amount of papers they have to grade because their salary is low as shit

oh wow, your math teacher yelled at you because you were ignoring the lesson and talking to your friend

i wonder why

jesus christ teachers have it hard enough dont be an asshole